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Evaluations at the Highest Level

I. Stephen Davis, M.D. is a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon, providing Independent Medical Evaluations for Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation Claims.  His practice includes 40 years of treating patients and providing orthopedic care at St. Anthony Hospital Level I Trauma Center.  Dr. Davis has performed a vast array of operations on the spine, upper and lower extremities.

Dr. Davis is effective at communicating with Plaintiff and Defense Teams to prepare for all levels of the legal process.  His objective and evidenced based opinions have proven valuable over many years for clients throughout the country.  Dr. Davis encourages Personal Conferences and provides Expert Witness Testimony.

Orthopedic Evaluators, PLLC, Services

• Organization of Complex Medical Records
• Claimant Interviews and Examinations
• Interpretation of Diagnostic Images and Imaging Studies
• Rendering Evidence Based Opinions
• Personal Conferences
• Deposition and  Expert Witness Testimony
• Lectures on Legal/Orthopedic Topics to Physicians and      Attorneys
• Personal Injury Evaluations

To inquire about the services and availability, please contact:

Telephone:  303-929-3797
Fax:  720-855-8844
Email:  istephend@yahoo.com