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Independent Medical Evaluations

Interviews & Examinations
Experienced and knowledgeable in asking the right questions and assessing the responses, are two of the major attributes Dr. Davis brings to clients.  Dr. Davis’ questions directly focus on the medical condition and functionality of the patient, in order to provide information necessary to formulate an accurate and evidence based opinion.  Communicating the results with clients at all stages allows strategic decisions to be made regarding a path towards facilitating the resolution of difficult medical and legal issues.

Evidence Based Opinions
In depth clinical research to formulate an opinion on the medical condition of a claimant is a trait Dr. Davis is well known for with clients.  His opinions have been upheld in the courts, and are commonly respected by both the plaintiff and defense counsel.   

Expert Testimony
With proven experience testifying in courtrooms, Dr. Davis provides clients with an important element in cases with much at stake.  Dr. Davis’ testimony centers on illustrating the orthopedic conditions presented in the medical records, through personal interviews and examinations, and interpretation of diagnostic studies.   

As a practicing Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon, he intimately knows the workings of the body and the damage a body sustains with trauma.  He has experience both as a Surgeon and an Independent Evaluator, and thus is able to offer valuable opinions regarding damages, causation and apportionment.

Workers’ Compensation

Certified by the Division of Workers’ Compensation as a Level II Evaluator, Dr. Davis is well versed in providing unbiased opinions, that are independent of outside factors, and considered the best fair assessment of the condition.  Dr. Davis is able to assess the employee, and research the working conditions, to determine the cause of the medical condition.

Factoring in all the medical conditions caused by an incident or long term conditions, and rendering an unbiased expert opinion, supported by in depth research, is the reason Dr. Davis is highly respected as an Orthopedic Surgeon in the Rocky Mountain Region.

Client education and communication regarding orthopedic conditions, impairment and disability, are the foundation of the Dr. Davis’ IME practice.  Lawyers and legal teams engaged in gathering all the necessary information for a case are presented with the information directly by Dr. Davis, through detailed reports, conferences and group presentations.